Evie Coussé

EDGeS Diachronic Bible Corpus

Together with my colleagues Gerlof Bouma and Nicoline van der Sijs, I have compiled the EDGeS Diachronic Bible Corpus, as part of the research project The rise of verb constructions in Germanic (Swedish Research Council, 2018-2021).

The EDGeS Corpus contains 36 historical Bible translations in English, Dutch, German and Swedish from the fourteenth century until the present day. The corpus brings together these translations in one searchable format and connects them with each other on the verse level. This makes the EDGeS Corpus a so-called parallel corpus in both the synchronic and diachronic dimensions.


The EDGeS corpus is available in two ways:

  1. The complete collection is available through OPUS. Because this contains material under copyright, access to the corpus search facilities is password protected. Please contact me to get access.
  2. A subset of the material, called OpenEDGeS, has been made available for download under a public license (CC BY-NC-SA). OpenEDGeS is available through Sprĺkbankens resource infrastructure

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Gerlof Bouma, Evie Coussé, Trude Dijkstra & Nicoline van der Sijs (2020). The EDGeS Diachronic Bible Corpus. In: Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation. Paris, ELDA: 5232–5239. [open access]