Evie Coussť

I have studied aspects of phonological variation in contemporary spoken Dutch in close collaboration with my colleagues Steven Gillis and Hanne Kloots from the University of Antwerp (CLiPS).

Vowel reduction in the Spoken Dutch Corpus

A central topic in my phonological work is the reduction of vowels in spontaneous speech. More specifically, I have studied the usage contexts in which long vowels were shortened, reduced to schwa or deleted entirely in the Spoken Dutch Corpus. A summary of the results is published as (in Dutch only):

Regional perception of vowels

Studying vowel reduction in the Spoken Dutch Corpus revealed that the regional background of transcribers influenced their perception of vowels. It appeared that transcribers from the north vs. the south of the Dutch language area (i.e. The Netherlands vs. Flanders) had a divergent strategy to label vowels as long, short, schwa or zero. Together with my colleagues from Antwerp, I conducted a number of experimental case studies investigating the effect of regional background on the categorical perception of vowels in Dutch.